Being Thankful

24 Nov

Since today is Thanksgiving, all my posts today will have something to do with gratitude, love, joy & hope.

Scott Adams has a fantastic piece out today. Extracts below, but please read the complete piece. I promise, it’ll be worth your time…

I’m thankful for the invention of the television remote control, without which life itself would be impossible.
I’m thankful that my cat can purr but not laugh, because a laughing cat would be creepy.
I’m sure there are a more things I should be thankful for, but I take all of those things for granted. And the privilege of doing so is perhaps the thing I am most thankful for.

As for me, I’m thankful to Scott for having brought me so much joy. I know a lot of people think Dilbert’s a cynic, but I think we all need someone to point out to us (business-folk) our warts. Someone needs to say that the emperor’s naked. And Scott does it in such a fun way too! Dilbert strips have always made me smile. And most of them have made me think…

Thank you Scott!

And Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Posted by on November 24, 2005 in Biz/Tech, Books, Humor, Thoughts


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