Imagination, Business Trends & Doing What it Takes

06 Dec

A few interesting top ten lists from Dave Pollard’s How to Save the World.

Ten rules for being more imaginative:
1. Pay attention
2. Spend time with children
3. Remember your dreams
4. Change your point of view
5. Collaborate
6. Transport yourself
7. Improvise
8. Break the rules
9. Believe, and make believe
10. Get away from the media

The ten most important trends in business:
1. Open-Source Business
2. Disruptive Innovation
3. Complexity
4. Corporate Reform
5. Innovation Incubation
6. Social Networking and Personal Productivity Improvement
7. Wisdom of Crowds
8. Channel Customization
9. Customer Relationship Management
10. Execution

The nine reasons we don’t do what we should:
1. Fear
2. Lack of Self-Confidence
3. Lack of Knowledge
4. Trying to Do Too Much Alone
5. Trying to Do Too Much
6. Loss of Self
7. Lack of Energy
8. Lack of Reward
9. It Can’t Be Done

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Posted by on December 6, 2005 in Humor, Life


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