Quality of Leadership

15 Dec

Adrian Savage has this to say on judging the quality of leadership of an organization:

Always remember this. How your staff behave is telling the rest of the world — very clearly and loudly — how good you are as a leader. When I see poor staff, I know the leadership is crap. And don’t give me all that rubbish about blaming the quality of the people available. There are thousands of talented folk out there looking for work. If you employ poor people, you’re either getting what you deserve (the good ones wouldn’t be seen dead working in your organization); you’re too mean to pay a decent wage; or you can’t tell the difference between good people and those who should be politely sent on their way — or, worst of all, you don’t care. However you slice it, you’re to blame. There are no excuses.

Hmmm, something for all of us to ponder upon…

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Posted by on December 15, 2005 in Biz/Tech


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