The Rantings Of A Technology Lover

20 Dec

I love technology. I love my iPod. I love my digital camera and the pictures it creates on my computer. I love the Powerbook G4 I’m using to write this post. I even once loved my Treo 600 though that infatuation is fading as its email program capabilities have unexpectedly deteriorated. But I still love the idea of being able to get my email whenever and wherever I want. I love the antibiotic that cured my wife’s pneumonia last winter. I love blogging. I love the special features on the DVD. I love that Dr. Jonas can save this boy’s life (rr). I love the idea of Skype. If I could find a decent USB headset and mic that worked as it should on a Mac I’d love Skype itself. I love podcasting. If I watched TV, I’d love Tivo.

Same here…heh!

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Posted by on December 20, 2005 in Biz/Tech, Humor


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