Those who booed Sachin were right!!

23 Mar

Another shameful defeat…another controversy!

I have never written anything yet on cricket, but this link will surely inspire some spirited discussion…

Arvind Lavakare writes,

“That a castrated English team ultimately shared the Test honours with our best on our home soil should compel us to hang our head in shame…

The sadder fact is that every one-day triumph of ours seeks to plug that plug with mere euphoria led by our media which sees in cricket nothing but a way to better its commercial ratings with the public.”

And goes on to say,

“(Tendulkar’s) failure in the last 11 Test knocks running has been pathetic, tragic.

This failure is being glossed over by the selectors and by the vigilante media for whom the man is expected to rise like the sphinx soon — yes, sooner than later.

Only the handful who booed him for a shocking wave of his bat at the Wankhede after making one run off 21 balls had the honesty to tell him what he surely needed to be told.”


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Posted by on March 23, 2006 in Quotes, Thoughts


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