John Kenneth Galbraith

05 May

On April 29th 2006, John Kenneth Galbraith, economist and public intellectual, writer, social philosopher, advisor to presidents, one-time U.S. Ambassador to India & the leading pro-government economist of this world, passed away! He was 97 years old.

My disagreements with his politico-economic issues notwithstanding, it is important to note that he forced all of us free-market "apologists" to think deeper about our beliefs.

His private life was as large & imoodest as his public one. As the Economist noted:

A decade ago, Mr Galbraith lamented that old age brought an annoying affliction he called the “Still Syndrome”. People would constantly note that he was “still” doing things: still “interested in politics” when he showed up at a meeting, “still imbibing” when he had a drink and “still that way” when his eyes lit up on seeing a beautiful woman. The Still Syndrome lasted an immodestly long time. Its passing has left America poorer.

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