World Cup Predictions

20 Jun

Amit had asked all bloggers to predict 9th July. As a result, I have been asking everyone their opinions of who will win the world cup, compiling scores of each match, and comparing player profiles. The hot topic of discussion in the office is anyway, “Will our boys bring it home this time?” or as one poster says “2006…maybe!” (Since I’m in England “our boys” obviously refers to England, and not to India)

Despite having missed the 19 June deadline for blog entry submissions, I decided to continue my earnest search.

Turns out I needn’t have bothered. Melvin Durai talks about something which will gladden every Indian sport lover’s heart! Not just a final between Brazil and… India, but India to Beat Brazil in World Cup Final. Unfortunately, it’s only plans for a movie. As he puts it,

Bachchan will be known as the “Super Sub.” He will enter the game in the 89th minute and score a quick goal, then lead the team in a five-minute celebratory dance. The team will also dance and sing during timeouts.
Bhatt expects the movie to be a blockbuster. “Millions of Indian men are eager to see our team finally win the World Cup,” he said. “And Amitabh and the boys are going to do it in style. Everyone will leave the theaters filled with pride.”

Although the masterstroke was at the very beginning where analysing the failure of our team to qualify for the finals,

Union Sports Minister Oscar Fernandes summed it up like this: “We Indians are just not used to big balls.”


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