Mumbai Blasts

12 Jul

This hideous, barbaric & utterly revolting task is beyond all understanding.

So far no one has come forward to claim responsibility. But that is meaningless anyway. The perpetrators know full well who they are. And for the sake of all who have suffered, I do hope they are brought to justice soon.

Suffering belongs not only to those who lost their lives, or limbs, or a loved one. Suffering belongs not only to the mumbaikars. Suffering belongs not only to the Indians. Suffering belongs to the world at large.

For all of us, citizens of this world, this is a matter of un-ending grief, despair & shame.

As Falstaff writes in his poem here:

Except that there are no strangers now,
For the spilling of our common blood
Make us all family –
What we feel in these first moments
Is not sympathy,
But the grief of our own loss…

It comes down to this:
That the familiar ways are lost,
And the route back to peace
Is long and difficult.
It will be some time, at least,
Before all of us
Are safely home.

And as Amit writes here:

A friend called me up at five in the morning after a night spent in hospitals and morgues and stations, and the scenes he described were stunning. Mangled bodies, some headless, some with half the head still there and some brain spilling out; the pools of blood at station platforms, the rows of bloody stretchers outside hospitals; the screaming of people whose face was pulp; the crying of people looking for their loved ones, and not knowing what to look for. He’ll write about it soon, but no matter how vivid it is, it won’t be just a good piece, an interesting article. It’ll be a portrait of me and everybody I know, because those, but for the grace of sheer luck, could have been us.

Do also read Amit’s updated post on the blasts with links here.

Gawker talks about it here.

Dhoomketu learnt a few things:

Kudos to the people who could not have done better. For example, the traffic policemen who made sure that the traffic kept on moving. I learnt that efficiency and empathy can be balanced well by police as well.

In all such times, the human spirit alone can triumph over the manifest evil. For a glowing example of this spirit do visit Mumbai Help, the people who did a stellar job helping people get in touch with their loved ones.

Here’s praying for solace to all who suffer.

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