Crush the Bastards

13 Jul

2 days after the Blasts, and it’s only now beginning to seep in. I railed against the terrorists in my previous post on the subject. However, my concern was more with the victims & their families.

As i ponder on this hideous, dastardly, cowardly, monstrous act, I find myself getting really worked up. There is anger at the Bastards (1) who were responsible, yes. But increasingly, there is rage! And there is frustration! Rage at the political system which does nothing beyond offering a few platitudes. Frustration at our impotence.

And make no mistake, impotence it is. When you look at evil in the eye, and do nothing. When you take a slap, offer the other cheek, and get kicked in your butt. When you talk strong, but do not follow it up with concrete action. When you talk of our glorious history (2), but live like a weak-kneed spineless cowardly nation. It is impotence!

Why doesn’t the Indian state show a resolve a-la USA (3) in crushing it’s enemies? Why can’t we send a message that an offence against an indian anywhere in the world is an offence against all of us, and will simply not be tolerated? We maintain one of the largest armed forces in the world, but insist on using them for dropping food packets in drought areas (4). Time after time after time, someone bombs a train, launches grenade attacks at government establishments, hijacks planes. And what doe we do? A big fat NOTHING!

As far as the ineffective, self-serving, bureaucratic political & administrative machinery is concerned, they would rather spend their energies on monitoring internet usage, issuing licenses, playing petty political games, foreign jaunts and devising new & more arcane forms for the citizens to fill out, for phone connections, ration cards, housing permits, rickshaw pullers, et al.

This is a recipe for disaster, and an invitation for all disruptive elements to harass & terrorise the citizens of our country.

It is time we asked our government to focus on provising food, housing, infrastructure & security for the citizens. It is also time we as a people demanded radical action against the Bastards responsible for such acts. It’s time the Indian state sent a strong & unequivocal message to the world that such actions will not be tolerated, that we are not prepared to stand by & watch our people be ripped to pieces.

Crush the Bastards!


(1) And no, i am not going to soften my language to please any soft-hearted pansy. Unfortunately, I do not have a stronger epithet that can be used here.

(2) It’s another matter that when we talk of our glorious history, we are usually referring to our action oriented mythology. But that’s subject for another post!

(3) I know, I know! USA was wrong in attacking Iraq & Afghanistan without adequate proof, blah blah blah. What I’m admiring here is the general attitude of that particular country wherein an offence against any American across the world is treated as an insult to the country, and more often than not, responded to with excessive force.

(4) Not saying that’s not an essential function. But the state has to develop a separate machinery for that purpose, rather than misusing the armed forces.


P.S. – Deepak talks of setting up a supari fund here.

P.P.S – A friend just sent me the link to Shishir’s article that says “India needs to be ruthless“. As you can guess, I totally agree. Do read it!


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8 responses to “Crush the Bastards

  1. m

    July 13, 2006 at 2:57 pm

    “What I’m admiring here is the general attitude of that particular country wherein an offence against any American across the world is treated as an insult to the country, and more often than not, responded to with excessive force.” So are you saying that the war(s) were right? And that they did any good/ right to the wrong? Or are you saying that India going to war will change things for the better? Hasn’t stopped terrorism attempts or violence for the US.

  2. Just Mohit

    July 13, 2006 at 3:11 pm

    Hi M,

    All I’m saying is that there comes a time when we have got to start hitting back. The Gandhian approach of “turning the other cheek” was valid in a certain context & against one set of adversaries. The terrorists only understand the language of force. And it’s time we hit back & smashed them.

    As far as the 2 wars are concerned, yes! I do think the war on Taleban was right. Totally justified. The war on Iraq was not.

    Also note I’m not asking for India to go to war against a country. I’m asking for a search, capture & annihilation of the terrorists & their bases. I understand this comes across as a war-mongering hawkish stance, but I think we’ve taken the soft approach for too long. And it really hasn’t served the indian people well!

  3. Sachin

    July 13, 2006 at 5:40 pm

    The bastards really do need to be crushed with an iron fist. The problem with indian context is that most likely the enemy lies within rather than outside.

    Also, the much hyped about “resilience” and “spirit” of the city of mumbai has almost become a cliche and everytime I hear it now, it hurts.

    Mumbai needs to refuse to be “resilient” and stop showing that “spirit” which everyone talks about. It should come to a standstill each time such a disaster strikes and it should move only after the authorities show some action.

    Mumbai needs to be like that 6 month old child, who can communicate only thru crying, and it keeps crying until its fed, no matter what else you do. The “food” here is action by government to bring the perpetrators to justice.

    May god give mumbaikars the strength to cry and cry out loud.

  4. JC

    July 13, 2006 at 7:05 pm

    The mood is that of revenge. Something must be done. But what? Against Who? Getting the petty perpetrators to justice is one thing, fighting terror networks and Govt.s which support terror networks is another.
    Having a big army does not mean anything if they are not well equipped to fight a war.. Our jawans sadly do not even have bullet proof vests to protect them..In the same lines even after 200 people are dead, Bombay is unperturbed and is back in business. Sure it shows indifference and resilience but it also says something – the value of an Indian soul is very very low.

    USA has the big stick to police the world and it does… thankfully. I have a very high regard for Israel too. They are taking on Hezbollah head on in “multiple countries” in order to regain the freedom of just two Israeli soldiers. If I were Israeli I would be very proud of that. It sends a strong message to the Islamic world “Its not okay to mess with a single Israeli”.
    But then again Hezbollah has taken responsibility. They know which country, which city the Hezbollah chiefs are put up. In India’s case who do we go after? same old ..same old Pakistan? They have washed their hands clean atleast in the eyes of the International community. Its time we looked beyond Pakistan. Getting the terrorists in Kashmir is not optional but not helping either. We get a group of Islamic terrorists in Kashmir, next day new Jihadis slip thru the border.
    So the other option is to go after the root cause. No! You can’t ban Islam you dummy… There are far too many peaceful folks for each disoriented Jihadi terrorist. We could go after the nations who are funding these terrorists. So.. who is funding the Lakshar-e-Taiba (Al Qaeda reincarnate) in Kashmir? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Do we have what it takes (the intelligence and the strength) to go after them? If we do not have the guts or the means to change govts.. the other alternatives are selective elimination of the roots in those countries. A-La Munich style. Or support countries who are changing govt.s for the better i.e. the Coalition forces USA, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, United Kingdom, and Ukraine. At least it will be a step in the right direction.
    – Just ideas but who’s listening

  5. Ck

    July 14, 2006 at 3:31 am

    We will feel rage, anger and more but what happens a few days later … we forget and we do not even push the official machinery any more … it just becomes a part of the dusty unread and unattended files away from sight and memory.

    I still remember the same rage erupted post the Jessica Lal case verdict – but its now a bygone..

    Why can we not as a nation take inspiration from Israel – a country that protects its people even if it means condemnation by the world. We wait for the world to say “its ok” before we take any action.

  6. Deepak Shenoy

    July 16, 2006 at 10:56 am

    You’re so right, Mohit. I want my taxes and my supari fund to fund the capture of these miserable bastards and to skin them alive. I want to be personally involved in their death, perhaps by swallowing ammonium nitrate, more likely by hanging.

    We need to make our government less impotent. And yet, we need to be honest about one thing: that we will never attack the families of the terrorists. And never purposefully harm an innocent citizen in this process – the US has shown us how stupid that endeavour is.

    We need to get back ONLY at those that attacked us. But we must take revenge, and khoon ka badla is only khoon.

  7. RPaul

    July 16, 2006 at 10:28 pm

    Generally speaking we are in agreement on the basics….catch the damn fuckers and kill them – again easier said than done. Intelligence Failure eh!

    Examples of Israel and US…..I am more in tune with the Israeli’ and the efficiency and effectiveness of Mossad and more so with their ‘POLITICAL WILL’ to follow through… to make a ‘Statement’ against any DIRECT violation to their state or of their people- unlike the US who have been licensed to uphold democracy on Earth…Jesus H Christ!

    We albeit have a far bigger problem….and I hear a few voices mentioning the ‘INVISIBLE ENEMY’ – therein lies an important point.
    Unlike all the other examples that have come up in this discussion an important point in India’ context is – ‘THE ENEMY WIHTHIN’. What am I alluding to here…nah! nothing shattering –

    1. Terrorist groups formed of INDIAN nationals
    2. Corruption Corruption and more Corruption! – Politicians & Bureaucrats who could sell our country
    3. A Nationalistic / Patriotic attitude
    4. Marginalization of the minority community…..leading to disillusionment and its various faces
    5. Politics of Vote Banks
    6. A CHALTA HAI attitude in everything and by everyone….us people, the government….everywhere around us
    8. A Judicial system….dysfunctional is a harsh word…..but is very slow and there are too many loopholes for the criminals to leverage

    I am sure we can all use our collective wisdom to add to the list above – the key however is to address some of the above slowly and steadily, most might argue that this is a slow and long term solution and I am in complete agreement. This of course needs the collective will of the entire nation, each one of us and all the powers that be.

    Obviously…do we let people die while all we achieve some of the above over the next 20-30 yrs…NO….so what do we do. I will not even attempt to be prescriptive here – there have been several things that have been mentioned in this blog… could be POLITICAL, ARMED ACTION, Tighter Intelligence… on and so forth.

    Lets’ start by Us People, The Junta being more AWARE! VIGILANT! Conscious of things happening around us!

    ‘With Power Comes Responsibility’ – when will our leaders ever understand this!


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