Writers Against Terrorism On Mumbai Blasts

14 Jul

If you haven’t already, please do check out Writers Against Terrorism, a group blog that has some well-thought yet impassioned articles.

After writing Crush the Bastards, I wondered if there were other people who thought as I did. Or was I as usual over-reacting. And then someone sent me the link to Writers Against Terrorism.

3 of the recent pieces deserve special mention.

Mahesh Murthy in an angry post talks of Shiv Sena’s rampage on Sunday:

And what do we do? Nothing. We adjust our shopping schedules, our Sunday outings with our families, and go back to our lives, ignoring the man and his actions like one would shrug off an annoying but occasionally persistent flea.

Then he refers to the recent blasts, saying:

And what do we do? Not very much again – other than to bring out our hearts and repair the damage as we best can. We crowd hospitals till they say they have more blood than they need, we line the streets offering food and water to people walking home, we invite strangers to spend the night in our offices and homes till the public transport gets back into action.

Then he warms up:

You know what – I’m tired of turning the other cheek to these two jokers.

I’m sick of just doing what we Mumbaikars are supposed to do so well – what our supposed “Mumbai Spirit” is all about – which is to not be affected, to do nothing, to go on with life, to accept this as just another annoyance of living in Mumbai, like our small apartments, our potholed roads and our real estate prices.

And ends with:

There’s so much I need to do – and I can’t take this crap any more. Perhaps it’s the 21st century, perhaps I’m not the super-patient Indian man I was brought up to be. I can’t take this waste of time, waste of life, waste of emotion any more…

Let’s go after them. Really. Shut them down once and for all.

Enough is enough.

And talking of the famed (much-abused in my opinion) “Mumbai Spirit”, SGupta talks of what a colleague told him:

She said that the fact that she was back on the trains the next day did not reflect courage, but the fact that she had no choice. As the compartments began filling up again by late evening, I wondered whether the city’s resilience was giving the bureaucracy an easy way out.

And Chameleon’s Karma says:

So we are outraged!
And we’ve praised fellow Mumbaikars for their resilience!
We’ve cribbed at the TV news channels and admonished them for their blatant attempts at one upman ship!
We’ve called our politicians brainless fuckpots!
We’ve addressed a letter to terrorists and pointed our middle finger to them!

And in less than 48 hours, life is back to normal in Mumbai!

Of course, it is! Its simple to get ‘back to normal’. You just need to redefine ‘Normal’!!!

Do read the posts. Thanks.

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One response to “Writers Against Terrorism On Mumbai Blasts

  1. Rahul Barhat

    July 14, 2006 at 4:40 pm

    Yes Mumbaikars certainly showed great resilience and deserve credit for that. But what with the govt which was proudly saying “even these bomb blasts will not dilute our resolve for peace process with Pakistan”.

    Peace with Pakistan is a great idea, but the price being paid by innocent civilians seems to be too high. After this incident one thing is clear, the Citizens have come out courageously while the govt is acting coward.

    Further reading :


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