Swiss Travel 1.1: Rhine Falls

22 Aug

Hi all, as promised (for the last 3 weeks), I’m now going to write about (and bore you with) my travels in Switzerland. I spent 5 days there with The Wife and the 2 brats (Aru & Ash), and managed to keep a diary through it all. Excerpts from Day 1 below:

We got off at Zurich airport 30 mins late and got into the coach to get to the Rhine falls on the German-Swiss border. The large falls are stunning, although if you have seen a big fall in India (Wyndham, Rihand, et al), you’d have a sense of deja vu.

There are boats which take you almost under the falls to a pier which seems to have been purpose-built for the tourists. Fairly avoidable although part of the reason we go on holidays is to do these highly avoidable things, to leave our cynical reasoning self behind, to get carried away, to do things we don’t (or rather wouldn’t) necessarily do otherwise; to have ice cream for lunch and beer for breakfast, to wear red t-shirts and tote cameras, waist puches, to skip baths in the morning but get drenched in muddy river waters; to buy overpriced “local” trinkets (stamped “made in china”), to read less and observe more, to meet strangers and miss old friends (who you might not have met or remembered for 8 years)!
The walkways around Rhine falls are more interesting, even lugging a baby & a 5-kg bag! Worth a quick visit on the whole, if you have the time.

And that concludes Day 1, Part 1. In Part 2 of Day1 I’ll talk about our disappointing half-Sunday Zurich excursion!

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