Thoughts at 1 AM

04 Nov

The hour past midnight approaches… the world is stormy. A storm outside picks up the leaves, and tosses them about. Nature angry at Man. Inside, almost befittingly, there is a storm that rages as well, a storm of thoughts. There are still so many things to do, blogs & books to read, movies to see, posts to write. Life’s a crazy list of things to do!

Jo hum pe guzarti hai, kisne use jaana hai
Apni hi museebat hai, apna hi fasana hai

As the hour passes, somehow all stills still, really very still. The moon comes out, shining pearly white…the world calms down, the babies are asleep, the telly goes quiet. Now there’s just the sound of the keyboard, and the gentle sounds of Jagjit Singh through the headphones.

Raat khamosh hai, chaand madhosh hai
Thaam lena mujhe, ja raha hosh hai.

And as the cares slip away, there’s a brief flash of lucidity, of clarity. Life is meaningful, sublime. We can clutter it, and we do, with the cares that we nurture. Or we can keep it simple. We can rush about madly. Or we can pause before we act. We can get lost in the chaos. Or we can nurture peace. It’s really up to us.I don’t know whether the lessons will remain tomorrow. Yet it seems sufficient to have had this brief insightful moment. And I feel blessed. And grateful!

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Posted by on November 4, 2006 in Thoughts


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