05 Nov

I just watched the DVD for the 4th time! IMHO, this is probably his best work to date. Russell Peters is absolutely hilarious.

An Anglo-Indian, whose family moved to Canada before he was born, Peters qualifies as one of the greatest stand-up comics alive. His ability to take on some of the cultural taboos, and expose the dark underbelly of racism by making fun of it, is just unmatched. Sure, most of the stand-up’s make fun of culutral stereotypes, esp. in England. But none of them does it as consistently, ruthlessly & accurately as Russell.

I think the best parts of the DVD were when he talked of the differences between “Terrorists & Indians“, and the embarrassing “Cultural Names“. Needless to say the Bonus track of “Somebody Gonna Get A Hurt…” was mind blowing. The joke’s a classic, and those who’ve seen it before are to be forgiven for thinking it’s one of the greatest stand-up jokes of all time!

If you haven’t seen any of his work to date, please look for his videos on Youtube. And then buy this DVD!

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Posted by on November 5, 2006 in Humor, Thoughts


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