Don – First Impressions

07 Nov

While I went into the theatre with some trepidation (especially after reading all the negative things in the blogosphere), I must admit that the movie was great fun to watch!

And for those of you who are looking for comparisons with the original Big B starrer, I guess the one-word advice woulf be: Don’t! While Shahrukh is no Big B, this is a materially different movie appealing to different tastes, and with significantly better camera work & direction. Where the movie fails is really the parts where Farhan Akhtar ignores his own creative side, and tries to copy the original.

“Khaike Paan Banaras Wala” should have been chopped off…the audience got visibly restless during this song. I wondered why the song was there at all…was Farhan so much in love with this song that he couldn’t do without it. Doubtful really, given the really shoddy mimicry treatment of the much-beloved original. And while much has been said about the other nostalgia number (none of it good), let me say that while Kareena is no Helen, the song was still not bad to watch. (Although chopping it off would have helped the movie materially)

Also, the last 45 mins of the movie could have been significantly shortened to keep it tight.

That said, the new twists introduced by Farhan were a treat, as were the locations & the cinematography. Go see it!

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