Milton Friedman

17 Nov

As most of you would know by now, Milton Friedman is no more!

Nobel-prize winning Economist, and one of the staunchest libertarians known to mankind, he was a hero for his refusal to bow down to the screaming masses, for his ability & courage to defend his views, for his consistency & clarity of thought…

You can read some of his quotes here. The last one is my favourite.

NYTimes said:

It was not only Mr. Friedman’s antistatist and free-market views that held sway over his colleagues. There was also his willingness to create a place where independent thinkers could be encouraged to take unconventional stands as long as they were prepared to do battle to support them.
…(Alan Greenspan said) Mr. Friedman had made a broader political argument: that you have to have economic freedom to have political freedom.

For more obituaries and articles about Professor Friedman, please visit Amit Verma’s post.

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