Ambiguity & Ambivalence

19 Nov

I have a confession. I am ambivalent towards most of the pivotal issues in the world today!

Some people find it easy to take stands on each & every issue.

Some people see the world in black & white.

Some people thrive on discussions where they label everyone who disagrees with them as an idiot, and everyone who agree with them as a brother/sister.

I, on the other hand, love taking a stand against the popular view. (If that’s not evident from my writings on this blog, it’s because so far, I haven’t really been myself here! I have treated this blog more as a repository for links to stuff I like/read, rather than a place for my thoughts.)

I do love debates where people take aggressive, impassioned, take-no-prisoner positions. However, in most such cases, when I take a stand, it’s to test the intellectual strength of the other side (not the other person!), to have a DISCUSSION, rather than resolve the issue itself. For I believe, most such issues live in the “greyness”.

(Which also explains why, most of my more interesting discussions have been face-to-face, or on email, or at other people’s blogs, rather than on this blog!)

This does not mean, of course, that I do not have any convictions at all. However, being trained in the scientific method, I need to keep myself open to the evidence, the thoughts, the reasoning of the other side!

What do you think?

(NOTE: Inspired by Scott Adams’s post on Philosophical Brevity)

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Posted by on November 19, 2006 in Thoughts


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