Copyright Vs. Copywrong

20 Nov

This is the latest example of the blinkered, blinded by profits, short-sighted, despicable, venal attitude of Big Business in general, and the music industry in particular.

After you read it, you’ll think about it whenever someone criticizes Businessmen.

As Seth Godin says:

It’s copyright vs. copywrong.

Some big copywrong holders hate the digital technology that has made them so much money. They would like to charge you every time you listen to a song or watch a movie (like a theatre or a concert). They abhor the fact that one DVD might get seen at a Boy Scout meeting or end up on your iPod. Scratch a disk? Buy another. Upgrade to a new machine? Buy another. The more they can cripple the distribution of their product, the better they do, they think.

I find myself thinking about Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture speech more & more! Visit Lessig’s blog for more thoughts on related subjects.

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