Great Customer Service

07 Dec

Sometime last night this blog got hacked. I realised it this morning when I tried to login, and got rejected.

As far as I could make out, there was no damage done to the site, but it was intensely frustrating not having access to the one place I can totally call my own. This is when I realised how important this blog has become to me over the past year that I have been using (mis-using / abusing???) it. I have used it to dump my thoughts, link to things on the net that I like, connect to old friends, make new friends and just generally lounge around. I hate to admit it, but it has kind of grown on me you know.

I lodged my first support request around 7:27 GMT, and I received my first email from Barry at 7:29. After a flurry of emails over the next 30 mins, the blog was back in my hands at 8:02. Thanks Barry & the wonderful folks at You’ve won yourself a lifelong friend.

Now that is good customer service for you!

Have any of you got examples of good customer service to share. Please use the comments section.

P.S. – I had initially titled this post “Hacked Blog“, but then I realised the point of the post wasn’t that something bad happened, but that someone cared enough to help me correct it. After all, in every life, stuff happens. It’s the good deeds that make the difference.


Posted by on December 7, 2006 in Media


2 responses to “Great Customer Service

  1. M

    December 7, 2006 at 3:08 pm

    I’m glad. I’ve had trouble with blogger on multiple occasions when I have been unable to view my blog and they’ve been quite helpful each time.
    So…welcome back?

  2. Just Mohit

    December 7, 2006 at 7:49 pm

    Yeah…good to be back M. Thanks


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