Back & Lost

06 Jan

So you went on a vacation. To India. Home. And had some family time. Some down time. A blogger’s meet. Met Amit Varma. And some old friends. Played cards till late at night. And saw Raju Srivastava on TV. Saw some butterflies. And lions, tigers, bears, monkeys & peacocks. And read a few good books. Wow! Great!!

Now come back to reality.

There’s still your job to be done. Office to go to. Projects to be done. Clothes (& dishes) to be washed. Boiler maintenance to be done. And it’s freezing cold outside. Something Mumbai spoilt you for with it’s 34 deg heat.

And guess what, it’s a new year! It’s time to reassess priorities. To make resolutions. Or irresolutionsSome friends are starting blogs. Others are stopping. Everyone’s gained weight (including especially you). And you need to think of your career. And kids. And money. And property. And investments.

You need to balance the short-term with the long-term. The immediate with the larger picture.

A trip home over New Year leaves you exhilarated, excited, relaxed, confused, rejuvenated, exhausted & homesick.

As Neha Viswanathan says:

After the continuous stream of people rushing to talk to you and ask after your well being, your own house feels empty. You realize that you left so much of yourself back at home. You must come back and construct the stories again.

…Your jet lagged stomach grumbles at odd hours. You are suddenly grateful for all the love in your life. For that hug at the airport and late night sleepy talk over the dining table. You are human, and it is in your nature to be homesick. That home is a flight, and sometimes a website away.

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Posted by on January 6, 2007 in Life, Thoughts


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