27 Jan

The Economist has an article on migration from ex-communist European countries, which talks of a recent World Bank Report on migration trends & policies in Europe.

…it is not the prospect of higher wages alone that makes people move abroad. Quality of life plays a big role. Most ex-communist states neglect their customary duty to provide dependable health-care, good education, and the right sort of law and order (honest bureaucrats, friendly policemen, speedy justice).

Bad public policy brings slow growth, less foreign investment, and worse public services. More people leave, making things even worse.

Work is no refuge. Even if the pay is good, a job in an ex-communist countries can still be a pain when it comes to relations with bosses and colleagues. Cronyism, trickery and bullying are rampant.

Hmmm….for a moment there, I thought we were talking of India. Although I must admit that the things are improving in the motherland, I find myself repeatedly frustrated at the pace of change, and at the attitude of the still-so-powerful status-quoist politician-bureaucrat nexus. But there’s hope yet…

Eventually, of course the migration will stop, when the pickings for those that remain become sufficiently lucrative for them to stay.

I just hope that it’s not just the unfortunate or the unscrupulous that stay!

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