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Technology And the Scholastic Decline

Peter Berger, aka Poor Elijah writes about the scholastic decline. It’s worth reading the full piece for it’s sarcastic humor, irascible wit & the poignant display of a teacher’s anguish (I’m sure he’ll kill me for that sentence alone) 😉

American kids aren’t in trouble because they’ve mastered old twentieth century skills and knowledge that no longer apply in the new twenty-first century.  They’re in trouble because too few have mastered the age-old skills and knowledge that have mattered throughout the centuries.

…What’s supposed to make books exciting is what’s in them, not the tricks you can play with the video portion of the program.  Possessing knowledge is more important than pushing the right buttons.  Instead of effusing over how your student clicked the mouse, ask him to explain what he learned, with words.  Have him write the words down.  When he can do all that clearly and cogently, then tell me how excited you are.

…I try to make history come alive for my students, too, but learning history isn’t mostly about “a-ha moments.”  It’s about laboring through a lot of information and ideas that are often less than magical.

Therein lies the real trouble.  Learning is labor.  We’re selling the fantasy that technology can change that.

It can’t.  No technology ever has.

Gutenberg’s press only made it easier to print books, not easier to read and understand them.

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On Growing Up & Sibling Relationships

This one is for my brothers…maybe we never shared an “Op-Talk”, but we shared what is most important, love, affection & a deep respect for each other!

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Perspective on Careers

David Maister says the “same thing 12 times” when talking about taking responsibility for your career…I could repeat all that he says…again, again, and yes, yet again! But I’ll just point to two of my favorites & let you read the full thing on his blog:

2. You can’t assume that anyone is really looking out for your best interests (in spite of what they may say.)

7. Do not expect that you will be promoted because you deserve it – it is unlikely that anyone is really keeping track.

The cold hard reality is so obvious…but sadly always only in hindsight. This is the mantra I have preached to all who have asked for my advice regarding their careers. Yet again, and again, I have failed to observe these rules, and paid a heavy price for it! Anyways, better late than never.

Thanks David for the wake up call.


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Amazing Aussies: Is it end of an era?

Ladies & Gentlemen, in our quest for world domination, this blog has notched up another powerful ally. We present Anand, who will write purely on his passion, Cricket. Anand is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to Cricket. Do not even bother debating cric-stats with him…so without further ado, we present his first post…

Sydney test against England this January marked the farewell of three stalwarts of Aussie Cricket. Shane Warne, Glenn Mcgrath and Justin Langer bid adieu to test cricket following the 5-0 Ashes series mismatch. The vibes are strong that Gilchrist has already played his last test match.

Ever since dethroning the Calypso kings at their backyard in 1995, Aussies have dominated both forms of the game for the better part of last decade. Warne, Mcgrath, Langer and Gilchrist have been proven match winners and have played a major part in ensuring Aussie Juggernaut stream roll past opponents.

The question lingering in the minds of every cricket aficionado is that can the phantoms of the game continue their dominance post oblivion of their stalwarts?

During the 2003-2004 series played against India down under, Aussies were without the services of Mcgrath and Warne. Clearly India were the superior side in that series and would have clinched the series but for the profligacy shown by Parthiv Patel in dropping so many sitters behind the stumps. During that series Gilchrist was not in his explosive self and averaged a mere 16 with the bat.

During the 2005 Ashes series against England, Aussies were without the services of Mcgrath for couple of tests and they lost a hard fought series 1-2 despite Warne coming up with a stellar performance bagging 40 wickets in the series. The fact that Gilchrist could not contribute much with the bat during that series also made a crucial difference to the outcome.

On the past evidence, Aussies have struggled whenever Gilchrist has not been able to deliver the goods or when Mcgrath and Warne have both been cooling their heels beyond the boundary ropes. Hayden and Langer have been such a formidable opening pair in the mould of Greendige-Haynes that Langer’s absence is bound to create a Vaccuum at the top of the order.

Adding further credence to the fact that Aussies would struggle in the absence of stalwarts is that in the recently concluded CommonWealth Bank tri-series England humbled the Aussies in the finals at their own backyard.

The young guns in the team were not able to step up when the stalwarts Mcgrath and Gilchrist failed in the tri-series finals against England. In the first two matches of Chappel –Hadlee series against Kiwis, the second string Aussie team (minus Gilchrist, Ponting, Symonds, Clarke and Lee) have been taken to cleaners by a resolute Kiwi outfit.

The cricketing world will find the answer in about two months time in the Carribean aisles during the world cup extravaganza. It is quite poignant to note that a cricketing empire might fall apart in the very place where they achieved cricketing acme dozen summers ago under Mark Taylor.

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2 Births

First off the blog (err block! heh) was The Unknown Indian. Yes, ladies & gentlemen. Deepak Shenoy is now a proud father of a bouncing (?!) baby boy. Arriving on Valentine’s day, this new gen harbinger of hope is destined to get 2 cards from all the women every year on his birthday. Deepak said he was busy clicking pics, but I’ll believe that when we get to see them! So keep watching Deepak’s photo page.

Next, news arrives of the Eminent Blogger relocating to a new abode, in a new avatar. The birth of India Uncut as a multi-faceted website, with a group link blog, group review-blog, crossword, quiz & a serious blog by Amit (horrifying! What’s the world coming to?) is a momentous occassion. This will change the face of Indian blogging as we know it. Although I, for one, will surely miss the cows. (heh)

As the Eminent Blogger would say himself, Pregnant possibilities procreate proliferate! 😉

Update: Photos are up!


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Are you a manager?

The best way to think about management is to treat everyone like an unpaid intern.Each day, your employees ask themselves, “Am I getting enough out of this job to keep doing it?” And each day, you need to give them a reason to say, “Yes.”

Read Penelope Trunk’s “A Manager’s Guide to Growing Happy Employees“.


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On V-Day for all “Code Monkeys”

Jonathan Coulton Rocks!

Code Monkey get up get coffee
Code Monkey go to job
Code Monkey have boring meeting
With boring manager Rob
Rob say Code Monkey very dilligent
But his output stink
His code not “functional” or “elegant”
What do Code Monkey think?
Code Monkey think maybe manager want to write god damned login page himself
Code Monkey not say it out loud
Code Monkey not crazy, just proud

Code Monkey like Fritos
Code Monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew
Code Monkey very simple man
With big warm fuzzy secret heart:
Code Monkey like you

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