Disagreeing with Eminent Blogger

13 Feb

Most of the people who know me know the high regard I hold the Eminent Blogger in. It’s been a while since I disagreed with anything written by him.

Sorry, correction: I have NEVER disagreed with him.

But I think his appreciation of Rakhi Sawant’s honesty is a tad misplaced. Especially when he links it to the faux honesty displayed by her during that load-of-mindless-crap called Big Boss. She knew what the show was about, and utilised it to market herself quite shrewdly, counting on people voting for her saying “at least she’s honest”, something even the venerable Eminent Blogger falls for. And the fact that he actually lauds a statement made by her for pure item-girl-marketing effect, makes it even more galling!

And then he adds spice to my otherwise dull day in another post of his where he says:

I’ve long believed that most people who have kids are not fit to be parents.

While I agree that the DNA report he points to is quite nauseaus, and the parents who indulge in such practices deserve all the opprobrium, and worse (I mean, Ceasarean section to improve horoscopes. Gimme a break!) it surely does not pay to include the honest, loving & caring parents alongwith such morons.

Sweeping generalisations do not serve any purpose. Most parents I know (including mine, “Hi Dad!”) do not indulge in such practices. And do not deserve to be put together with those who do. Imagine if I pointed to a story about a corrupt journo, making a statement that “I’ve long believed that most people who write are not fit to be read“.

Maybe I’m over-reacting, but as a fan of Amit’s I do feel quite peeved at the above posts.

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Posted by on February 13, 2007 in Media, Thoughts


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