SEC Rules Applied to Love

10 Mar

This memorandum is in reference to last night’s meeting, during which I offered to “love you forever, no matter what.” Hopefully, this memo will serve to clarify that statement, and to define its terms so as to make the offer specific and practicable.

…While “love” as a term will, I hope, prove uncontroversial, “forever” poses a bit more difficulty and leads to the introduction of my first amendment to the offer. I’m afraid what I really meant was “indefinitely.” Certainly, love “without a fixed or specified limit” will be sufficient for your needs? And surely you’ll agree that contracts extending offers “in perpetuity” (i.e., “forever”) are often considered unwise in retrospect, following the advent of new technologies, economic realities, legal constraints, changes in market position, and potentially superior partners.

From “A Memo To My New Boyfriend Re: Clarification Of Offer Pursuant To Securities And Exchange Commission Regulations And Also My Trouble With Monogamy“, By Jennifer Dziura. Hehehh!

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Posted by on March 10, 2007 in Humor, Quotes


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