The Changing Nature of Education

11 Mar

I think all of us realise, to some extent or the other, that the world is changing. Really, really fast. And with it comes a realisation that our educational systems aren’t keeping pace. However, there are quite a few educators who are putting time, effort & thought into playing with the prescribed educational norms to ensure that the kids of today/tomorrow get education that is relevant, fun & in tune with today’s requirements. This does not imply in the slightest that the essential building blocks of language & mathematics be ignored. If anything it puts even more emphasis on making sure that the kids are able to speak, read, write & compute well.

Some of the challenges for the educators come alive in this beautiful movie by Scott McLeod, based on a really perceptive presentation by Karl Fisch:

However, the challenge is not just that of delivering quality education. It is also of recognising each child’s individual talents, and inherent skills, and tailoring our presentation & content to deliver that. Tall task yes! But then whoever said a teacher’s task was easy! 😉

Watch this truly amazing 5-minute movie on the above subject as well.

This post is with gratitude towards all the teachers of the world, and in particular to those of mine who made me all that I am today! Thanks.

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