ICICI’s Disclosures

05 Mar

Deepak’s on a roll

So in September they said 100 cr (1 billion). Then in Jan they said 160 cr. plus 120 we did in September. Where did the additional 20 cr. suddenly popup from?

Still, that’s 260 cr. Now they’re saying 350 cr. already done – hello? What is this? We are being lied to – or someone is picking up numbers from the air.

Still, the real losses are more no? About 1000 cr. Where’s the remaining? Supposedly it’s “investment losses” that we shouldn’t care about. Uhm, sorry but we do care. Any “investment loss” is still a loss, and regardless of what you classify it under, you have LOST THE MONEY.

Well Deepak I really wouldn’t get so hot & bothered. It’s just numbers. They don’t expect mere mortals like you & me to really understand them (or even pay attention to them). We are supposed to invest in the stock market because in the long run, blah blah blah, yadda yadda, it’s good for us (like Reliance Power, anyone remember that?).

And really, we don’t understand why all you (puny!) investors start yelling”Enron, Enron” every time something happens. For one, this one is different (like all the others). And secondly, what was wrong with what Enron did anyway?! 😀

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Posted by on March 5, 2008 in Biz/Tech, Links


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