IIM Fee Hike – Questions

10 Apr

Are we not penalizing the kids who don’t get the lucrative jobs or want to get into startups etc.? Do keep in mind that every single IIM has a course on entrepreneurship. Also, if the average salary is being used to buttress our argument for the hike, I would point out that 50% of students get paid below the median & usually a larger percentage gets paid less than the average.

If you speak to any IIM/IIT prof, they would criticise the current generations “lack of values” & “unhealthy focus on money”. But if we charge fees that are of the order of 7-11 lakhs for a course, aren’t we encouraging the same “focus on money” that we criticise our current & would-be students for displaying?

Are we misusing our near-monopolistic status to extract rents (as the Eco profs would say)? By so doing, do we actually risk losing the support of those who fought with us when a certain govt. tried to fix the fees a few years ago?

If we argue that the institutes have to be run on capitalist principles (something I might agree with), are we then willing to give up all govt subsidies since we do not believe in the socialistic principles any more? Will we also then pay back the govt. a fair price for the infra & land?

Disclaimer: The author studied at an IIM.

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Posted by on April 10, 2008 in Career, Thoughts


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