Efficiency Vs. Effectiveness

01 Sep

Nicholas Bates writes:

A team of mangers had been hacking their way through the jungle for months. Every so often, one of them would question what they were doing and where they were going. The response was invariably: shut up we are making progress and covering more miles than we did last week. One early morning one young manager had had enough and got up very early and climbed a tall tree. When he finally reached the highest point he had a shock. He came down the tree as quickly as he could and called out to his colleagues who, by now were making breakfast: wrong jungle. To which the reply came: shut up: we’re making progress. Efficiency is hacking through the jungle at a great rate. Effectiveness is being in the correct jungle.

Led me to think for a while along these lines*:
The question to ask is: are we chasing one to the exclusion of other? Or are we working towards that more elusive but (IMHO) worthwhile objective: Balance!

Am very interested in knowing what you think. Do weigh in…

* We = me, you, & organizations we might be involved with, in the sphere of life, work & play!

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Posted by on September 1, 2008 in Biz/Tech, Life


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