links for 2008-09-01

01 Sep
  • Pelgrin believes in sharing extensively among "trusted" sources. To prevent bad news, New York monitors 171 network "devices" for itself and the other three states. It's the equivalent of 171 undercover agents with high-powered binoculars sitting and scrutinizing cyber highways. The devices search for malicious traffic and suspicious trends. They produce more than 5 billion logs, or pieces of code, a month…
    Some of what Pelgrin does is to bring a human touch and provide reassurance on cyber issues. Because it is human nature for people to assume that the worst won't happen to them, Pelgrin often shares his own story: Yes, the cyber guy's home computer was once invaded. Afterwards, he often started speeches with, "Hi, my name is Will Pelgrin and I've had a breach on my computer." The incident happened right after he accepted the appointment as director of the cyber-security office.
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