Seventymm sucks

08 Sep

No matter what anyone says, no matter how many discount offers get thrown your way, do not, DO NOT take a seventymm subscription. As a (thoroughly pissed-off) customer over the last 14 months, following are my learnings, which I hope you will learn from:

  1. Most of the new movies are not available.
  2. New movies, even when available in seventymm library, will typically take ages to come to you. The standard excuse is that there is a large demand for them. In which case, you’d expect the store/site to buy more copies of them, won’t you? Well, apparently that’s an unreasonable request
  3. Fully half the discs will arrive scratched, and when you return them, and report them, you will still need to manually add them to your queue all over again.
  4. If you change cities, you will have to go through a painful process to get the same reflected in your profile & to start getting DVDs again.
  5. Oh, and before (4) happens, you will need to return the DVDs in the “older” city, since they can’t be picked up elsewhere by them.
  6. If you mark the auto-debit option (which was default btw), you will never get a reminder to renew. You will instead get a mail telling you that your account has been renewed & your credit card charged.
  7. If you write any mails to their customer support no. they go into a black hole & you will never NOT ONCE get a response.
  8. You will however get a dozen stupid emails & sms messages every month from them telling you about the exciting “new releases” they now have available. The said new releases would include some films launched in 1980s & 90s.
  9. If you ever try to cancel your account, you will be told that the money for the remaining period in your account stands forfeited!!!

On the positive side, their pickup guys are polite, efficient & very accomodating. And their customer care people unfailingly polite (even if not always competent).

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Posted by on September 8, 2008 in Biz/Tech, Life, Thoughts


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