links for 2008-09-09

09 Sep
  • Google's long awaited web browser was released to the world on Tuesday. The hype and speculation glands of bloggers everywhere are in overdrive, despite few commentators actually using the new browser, nor stopping to consider what we can learn from how browser wars in the past were won and lost.
  • They survive because they're humble, Gonzales says. They know when to rest, when they shouldn't try something beyond their capabilities, when it's wise to be afraid.
    "Humility can keep you out of trouble," Gonzales says. "If you go busting into the wilderness with the attitude that you know what's going on, you're liable to miss important cues."
  • There is no sorrow
    Time heals never;
    No loss, betrayal,
    Beyond repair.
    Balm for the soul, then,
    Though grave shall sever
    Lover from loved
    And all they share;
    See, the sweet sun shines,
    The shower is over,
    Flowers preen their beauty,
    The day how fair!
    Brood not too closely
    On love, on duty;
    Friends long forgotten
    May wait you where
    Life with death
    Brings all to an issue;
    None will long mourn for you,
    Pray for you, miss you,
    Your place left vacant,
    You not there.
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