links for 2008-09-22

22 Sep
  • Art Bazaar is an art fair organized by the Concern India Foundation at Coomarswamy Hall in Fort between September 22 and 25. Different galleries showcase their artists there, and Jasmine has a stall where she presents art by a mixed bag of established and upcoming names. What I like most about this collection is that all the art here is relatively affordable—everything is below Rs 1 Lakh, and the cheapest works are just 7k each. Given the artists on view, that’s quite something.
    (tags: art curator india)
  • Iyer's portraits of these places offer much to admire and emulate. He approaches the world with a fresh heart and wide open eyes. He looks closely and doesn't simply describe what he sees, but constantly analyzes it, trying to understand what things mean and where they fit in the puzzle of the whole. As a traveler, I especially love his openness, gentleness, kindness and vulnerability. As a writer, I love the precision and music of his prose and his witty, insight-compacting turns of phrase. As a fellow pilgrim, I love his relentless attempts to understand his experiences and encounters and his constant questioning of his own assertions and explanations, his ongoing quest for some deeper truth.
    …A brave new world is being shaped in all these intercultural encounters, Iyer knows, and better than any other writer I have read, he portrays the intricately intersecting influences of this world — neither wholly East nor wholly West but something wholly new.
  • Perhaps there's a lesson to be found by looking back in time. What made students succeed in the years BC (before computers, I-pods, and video games?) More than just an absence of instant entertainment that most teachers have difficulty competing with, those technology deprived students were sent to school by parents who took the time to make it clear what was expected of them.
    By setting clear policies, schools reinforced those expectations. So did the teachers, who started each year with a reminder of what would be required to succeed.
    Those of us who are beginning to forget where we put our keys or cell phones still remember being sent off to our first day of school. Do these words sound familiar? "Sit up straight. Listen to the teacher. LEARN!"
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