links for 2008-11-08

08 Nov
  • Just a short post with the links to all my OneNote GTD series .
  • Despite using the weekly review to identify and discard projects which did not fit in with my current 90 day Goals I still have a tendency to take I more than time allows. To overcome this I have been using Outlook 2007 to help manage my time and projects in conjunction with OneNote 2007 – here I will describe my current workflow. This is an subtle adjustment to my previous workflow with Outlook & OneNote – a lot of it remains unchanged
  • A number of researchers now argue that talent means nothing like what we think it means, if indeed it means anything at all. A few contend that the very existence of talent is not, as they carefully put it, supported by evidence. In studies of accomplished individuals, researchers have found few signs of precocious achievement before the individuals started intensive training. Similar findings have turned up in studies of musicians, tennis players, artists, swimmers, mathematicians, and others.
    Such findings do not prove that talent doesn't exist. But they do suggest an intriguing possibility: that if it does, it may be irrelevant.
  • Barack Obama is one of the most radical management innovators in the world today. Obama's team built something truly world-changing: a new kind of political organization for the 21st century. It differs from yesterday's political organizations as much as Google and Threadless differ from yesterday's corporations: all are a tiny handful of truly new, 21st century institutions in the world today.
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