links for 2008-11-09

09 Nov
  • What occurred to me is the fact that I recognized how much I’ve continued to change. The more people I meet, the more I grow and evolve, the easier it becomes to realize that things are just getting started. I realize how much my own expectations get in the way of allowing me to thrive, as we can sometimes spend so much time being annoyed, frustrated or downright impatient about what wanting what we want, only to realize things come in due time.
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  • Let’s bring the conversation on executive pay back on track. How do we recruit and retain CEOs who have a true passion for the Soulful Purpose of the organization they are being asked to lead. How do we as board members ensure they are behaving in the best interest of the corporation and the realization of its fullest potential The Living Organization™ that is. And then after all that is done, how can we ensure they are receiving the proper remuneration for their efforts.
  • Things are expected to return to normal within a few days, when people eventually tire of pretending to be informed about international politics and return to watching boneheaded celebrities making fools of themselves on television.
  • The academic prowess of Finland's students has lured educators from more than 50 countries in recent years to learn the country's secret, including an official from the U.S. Department of Education. What they find is simple but not easy: well-trained teachers and responsible children. Early on, kids do a lot without adults hovering. And teachers create lessons to fit their students…
    Finnish students have little teen angst — about getting into the best university, and no worries about paying for it. College is free. There is competition for college based on academic specialties — medical school, for instance. But even the best universities don't have the elite status of a Harvard.
    Taking away the competition of getting into the "right schools" allows Finnish children to enjoy a less-pressured childhood. While many U.S. parents worry about enrolling their toddlers in academically oriented preschools, the Finns don't begin school until age 7, a year later than most U.S. first-graders.
  • Who better than a waiter find the best-value food and the friendliest service? One of the Big Apple's own, the author of the Waiter Rant blog, recommends his favourite diners.
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