links for 2008-11-14

14 Nov
  • The full-length Newsweek Story on Barack Obama's campaign
  • From now on, after 6pm, the Bangalore police force will be divided into 3 posses. One will hang around in bars to ensure that there is no singing or dancing and the place shuts at 11.30pm. The second will lurk around restaurants and offices to catch anyone who smokes there. And the third posse can raid the houses of teachers to make sure that nobody is taking tuition. While real violent criminals get on with their life undisturbed.
    Fundamental rights need to be natural human rights. They are freedoms that every individual has, the violation of which is punished by society. So I have a right to life. Which means nobody can initiate force against me. I have a right to property. Which means nobody can seize it from me through force or fraud. I have a right to think, speak or act the way I want. Which means no one can tie me down or muzzle me (as long as I am not violating anyone elses right).
  • Poet Laureate Billy Collins reads his work
  • And oh, before I forget, I want roaming activated.
    CSO (surprised) : You still don’t have roaming sir?
    MS (a bit apologetically) : Well, you know, roam wasn’t built in a day. In fact, I’m not a-loan in waivering on this. Chidambaram also doesn’t have roaming. You see, it’s not in our common minimum programme. So whenever I tried to get the facility, the left told me it wasn’t right. I used to think that I could manage without roaming because BSNL had installed a phone in Air India One. But I found out only last week that it was a landline. And silly me, I thought it never worked during flights because it had no air-time.
    (tags: humor manmohan)
  • But the odds in favour of an imminent renaissance look long. Many conservatives continue to think they lost because they were not conservative or populist enough—Mr McCain, after all, was an amnesty-loving green who refused to make an issue out of Mr Obama’s associations with Jeremiah Wright. Richard Weaver, one of the founders of modern conservatism, once wrote a book entitled “Ideas have Consequences”; unfortunately, too many Republicans are still refusing to acknowledge that idiocy has consequences, too.
  • This is the shit we should be fighting. Not another’s wish to practice their religion in a certain way or their choices. These are the things we should be uniting and raising our voices against. Alas – we’re so divided on religion that we have no unity in matters that matter.
    (tags: harassment)
  • “In return for any direct government aid,” he wrote, “the board and the management [of G.M.] should go. Shareholders should lose their paltry remaining equity. And a government-appointed receiver — someone hard-nosed and nonpolitical — should have broad power to revamp G.M. with a viable business plan and return it to a private operation as soon as possible. That will mean tearing up existing contracts with unions, dealers and suppliers, closing some operations and selling others and downsizing the company … Giving G.M. a blank check — which the company and the United Auto Workers union badly want, and which Washington will be tempted to grant — would be an enormous mistake.”

    I would add other conditions: Any car company that gets taxpayer money must demonstrate a plan for transforming every vehicle in its fleet to a hybrid-electric engine with flex-fuel capability, so its entire fleet can also run on next generation cellulosic ethanol.

    Lastly, somebody ought to call Steve Jobs, wh

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