links for 2008-11-20

20 Nov
  • Teacher's salaries can never be made high enough to be the lure for talented people. Teaching is a vocation, and the attraction must be the work itself. Destroy the environment in which teachers can do what they love, and they disappear. During an election year, when the air is filled with grand promises for improving education, let's give some thought to starting with this simple goal: Our public schools should be places where good teachers want to teach and are permitted to teach.
  • You know those big walk-through aquariums? The ones in which people are in a cage and the fish swim about freely, and laugh at the pointing humans? You can see the fish, the fish can see you. But you can’t touch each other, nor talk (if fish could talk). There’s absolutely no way the two of you can ever establish a communication channel.
    Fish are drafts in WordPress. Everytime I log in, I can see the drafts. WordPress taunts me with it. It gives me a beautifully underlined, blue coloured link to the draft I can, in theory, edit and publish. But clicking on that link only will wreck eternal damnation upon me and, here’s the second place logic and reason fail, you.
  • I hope that you never have to lay off or fire people, but the reality is that you will as you advance in your career. If you are scoffing (“Guy, you are clueless: We’ll never downsize, because we’re growing so fast, and I’ll never make a bad hire”), then you’re my intended reader.
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