links for 2008-12-03

03 Dec
  • Debate and argument continued in the press and the electronic and the volume of comments went up in geometric fashion. The content in each was hard, questioning and reprimanding. Many assumptions and cynical accusations later, some sane and balanced voices were also heard.
    One truth that prevailed throughout – a nation is very upset and angry.
    Those that do not speak are accused of not speaking. Those that do, get run over by the incongruity of their content. There is loss of faith and hence annoyance. Annoyance not just because there is no faith, but because there is no one that is devising a solution. It is a state where anything or anyone shall become a victim of ridicule and negativity. It is a state when any and every action will be up for question and opinion…
    There is far too much that has remained subdued and nascent, for far too long. The dam has just been breached and the waters of the barrage burst out, uncontrollably.
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