links for 2008-12-12

12 Dec
  • am not sure if cricket can bring solace to those that are hurt. Cricket can uplift me because I have lost nobody. I played a game against Ashok Kamte, the brave officer of the Mumbai Police, and we laughed between deliveries. Can I go to his wife and say that Harbhajan bowling to Pietersen is our response to the man who killed her husband? That everyone is being brave, that the show must go on? Which show?
  • Today, Obama changed his party slogan to ‘No, you cant.’
    Barack Obama has called for Gov Blagojevich to step down following the senate seat scandal. You know who’s celebrating? Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Less competition for them now.
    Obama confessed that he was saddened by the whole affair, but wanted to focus on the positives. Like how his name has not come up in the investigations so far.
    Earlier today, the Governor posted a $4,500 bond and got released. Due to sheer force of habit, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s immediately gave the bond a AAA rating.
  • Mata HaRi’s 1st rule of employee communication: The truthiness of an employee meeting is inversely proportional to the number of attendees at the meeting.
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