links for 2008-12-15

15 Dec
  • The power of city administrations has in fact, been deliberately hollowed out since independence, as state governments superseded city authority and co-opted its power. The decline of the Indian city took a decisive turn after the battle over Bombay in the 1950s, when states were being formed according to linguistic boundaries…Since then, our cities have been passive and subordinate to the state governments. The bulk of city taxes are collected by the state and central governments and administration is dominated by state run agencies. And with local authorities powerless and unaccountable to citizens, city infrastructure has neared collapse.
    The disadvantages of weak and ineffectual city governance become most stark in these times of disaster…
    The Indian city has long been exiled from our collective imagination. The romance of the ‘village republic’ for India’s politicians and the strong association of the city with the British Imperial Raj doomed the city in Independent India.
  • But why does God do these things? What is his angle? What does he get out of financial ruin? How does he benefit from the collapse of ABC Learning? Certainly there is evidence that he hates children, but that can't be it, surely? Somehow, he is profiting from chaos. Perhaps he is an arms dealer, or runs a corporate administration business. Who knows? It's so hard to pin the fellow down. Numerous requests for interviews have been completely ignored. Searches for known associates have come up short; it's damnably difficult just to find someone who's met the guy.
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