links for 2008-12-18

18 Dec
  • During these difficult times, I need a lot more "we" and a lot less "me."
    So, I don't have a Santa list, but I do have a list for you (and me)…
    I need companies to do what they want their investors to do: focus on the long term and hold on to their investments in people…
    I need leaders to be role models. I am sickened by senior executives who fight for their pay increases and bonuses while their employees are fighting to keep their jobs…
    I need employees who are willing to lose a portion of their income rather than see other people lose their jobs…
    The economy is going to get better – in time.
    But we can make our lives better – right now.
    We can make this a better, richer time if we are willing to value people over profits, are willing to stand up for others as much as we stand up for ourselves, and are willing to live with less so that others can have more.
  • InterconinentalMissus: So Sidin… what is your real name?
    IMrs.: Tell na… What is it? And why is “Sidin” your dorm name?
    Sidin: It isn’t.
    IMrs.: “Sidin” is your real name? Not a dorm name?
    Sidin: No. “Sidin” is my real name.
    IMrs.: Oh…
    (tags: humor sidin haha)
  • Before anyone is too censorious about the victims of this latest scam, consider this. The picture of Nicola Horlick accompanied many of the first Madoff stories. It was coupled with some words she doubtless now regrets. Last summer she said of Madoff: “He is very, very good at calling the US equity market. This guy has managed to return 1 per cent to 1.2 per cent per month, year after year after year.”
    Ridiculous, no? How could anyone believe that such returns would go on year after year?
    Well, anyone could really. You could, for instance. Or I could.
    For the past ten years we have believed that the growth in our economy was magical, that it would go on for ever. It was different this time, we told ourselves, as Gordon Brown told you, me and Nicola Horlick that he had abolished boom and bust.
    So we went merrily on our way, funding our public services by getting new entrants to the workforce to pay out benefits to existing members. A Ponzi scheme. And we're the mark.
    (tags: finance con)
  • The Indians, for their part, must start to take their own security more seriously. In 1991, after suffering a major financial crisis, the Indian government came to terms with the failures of its socialist development model and adopted a free-market approach to economic growth. Similarly, India must use this crisis to wholly revamp its security infrastructure. If it fails to do so, the country's impressive economic expansion of recent years will be for naught. Simply put, international corporations will view the country as being too dangerous and refuse to do business there.
  • Apudne te vel me? – Your place or mine?
    Assume plicam damnatam, o tu moles muscaria muscerdarum – Download the goddam file, you bug-ridden piece of shit
    Cedo nulli – I yield to no one.
    Cogito sumere potum alterum – I think I’ll have another drink.
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