links for 2008-12-24

24 Dec
  • If I had to sum up my liking for the E71, much of it is down to the form factor. Packing in a very usable QWERTY keyboard into such a pocketable device is impressive, although admittedly I do have small hands so your own millage may vary. That coupled with the device’s overall responsiveness, bundled applications and a number of welcome improvements to S60’s User Interface, have made it a joy to use. Add decent web browsing and media playback to the mix, superb call quality and extremely good battery life – thanks to a 1500mAh battery – and the E71 is my favorite smartphone yet.
  • In no order of importance (all three are critical), we looked for three attributes for the top Enterprise web products:
    1. Innovation: This is the time for firms that opened up entirely new market categories through disruptive innovation to reap the rewards.
    2. Traction: We cannot put a cool new company whose product is just emerging from beta into our top 10. Winners should already have major traction in the market.
    3. Longevity: This is a mix of profitability and deep pockets; an ability to outlast the competition.
    The market categories that feature in this post are: platforms (with 2 companies making the list), wiki (2), web office (2), CMS 2.0 (1), project collaboration (1), web conferencing (1), and contact networking (1). Note that we didn't consider micro-blogging, RSS or mash-up products, as we consider those to be features rather than products – in the Enterprise market at least.
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