links for 2009-01-20

  • Do you understand the situation of Ramalinga raju? Do you know the pain of leading a big organization ? Have you ever faced the killing-tension in leading a big organization ? Mr. Raju ! have managed the company and all the employees with out expressing his pain to anybody. If he wants, he would have escaped. But, he is a genuine person, thats why he confessed and ready to face punishement…
    Why all the small invesors are blaming Mr. Raju ? Nothing is going to happen to them wrongly. Satyam shares will pickup. Do you know, on the second day of the Scam , 30 crores of shares had been traded in Mumbai stock exchange. There will be somany happenings to support Satyam computers, Shareholders and Stakeholders. Nobody is going to lose any thing but time. But the ultimate looser is only poor Ramalinga Raju.
  • Barack Obama begins his presidency, and people all over the world are hopeful that this will lead to an improvement in the economy and a ew era of peace and prosperity. However skeptical conservatives point out that Obama is not the messiah.
    Anil Ambani changes Reliance Mobile’s name to BIG Phone, to match his existing naming system of BIG TV, BIG Home Video, BIG Movies, and BIG Flix. Questioned why, he replies “I may not be the big brother, but I can have a bunch of BIG companies.” He then smirks.
    The economic slowdown continues. Restaurants in Mumbai are so empty, diners can now overhear the conversation of only one other table. Surjit Bhalla writes a series of columns on how this is the fault of the RBI refusing to lower interest rates.
    Abu Salem issues supari on Rahul Mahajan for outraging Monica Bedi’s modesty. However nobody kills him.
  • Powerful summary of Powerful Dan Pink book
  • Truly Awesome
  • There’s something about being taken out of your context. When you’re away from the safety of that for which you are fighting and you’re forced to examine exactly who you really are, you learn what makes our sort of friendship work: Despite the politics and history, we have similarities and differences that lend to us cohesion and camaraderie. The important thing is, we were given the chance. That chance, it seems, was given to the two of us by a pair of admission letters in April 2008. Removed from the bitter context of hostile relations, we find in each other humanity.

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