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03 Feb
  • And if India is progressing towards a country where men and women stand equal in jobs, status and financial independence, where we have had women as our Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, and Cabinet Ministers, then why should men and women be treated as any different ? If drinking alcohol in a pub is immoral for a woman, they why is it morally OK for a man ?
    There must be checks and balances. But the answer is NOT to target the physically weaker sections of our people. Women. That is not moral policing. It is sheer cowardice.
    And I cannot understand why the Chief Minister of Rajasthan has a problem with a girl and a boy holding hands ? He does not seem to have such a problem when the same hand raises itself in violence rather than affection.
  • Much to the delight of its perpetrators (and their puppeteers), the Mangalore pub incident has petered out into a shrill slugfest on “pub culture”, as if the rights of women to have a good time can be decided by goons and goondas whose chief source of livelihood is protecting “traditional Indian norms of decency”.
    What has gone unnnoticed—what has indeed been airbrushed out of the video grabs of the girls “being grabbed by their hair, thrown on the ground, molested, slapped and beaten”—is that the incident was, above all, a brazen attempt at “social re-engineering” that Karnataka’s west coast has become a theatre of.
  • The little one’s eyes are squeezed shut.
    In concentration, she prays.
    Her mother looks at her with amusement
    and love. What do you want kannamma?
    To do well in the Maths test tomorrow?

    The little one shakes her head. Her gold
    earrings vehemently disagreeing with her.
    “Amma, I prayed that someone famous
    should die.”

  • This news report post was bought to you by Cilverine the alter ego of Silverine who has err retired from blogging…for now.
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