links for 2009-02-05

05 Feb
  • The thing about gangs – and for all their grandiose militarist posturing, Sri Ram Sene and other assorted sense/senas are no more than gangs – is their tendency to cull the vulnerable out of the group and prey on them. Beating up on young girls and their worried escorts is their thing. What they are not good at is facing determined people in numbers – so to repeat, Dilli Chalo, go make your own gang.
    PS: I read in the ToI this morning that the Shiv Sena at the time of writing has “no plans to disrupt” V-day because the big chief hasn’t given his goon squad any aadesh; Raj Thackeray’s MNS meanwhile supports V-day because “it is a party of the young and understands the aspirations of youth”. Crap – what the MNS likely ‘understands’ is that making a fuss will put off the youth constituency, without adding to its support among the ageing and the antediluvian.
  • Why are we against moral policing? We offer three big reasons:
    1. It violates the Constitution: the only law of our land. Our civil liberties are threatened if extremist elements usurp control of our public life.
    2. It is a perverted interpretation of religion. For instance, one of the most beloved icons of the Hindu religion is Krishna, who sought the company of gopis. There is no one right 'Hinduism.' We all have our personal interpretation of religion, and no one should impose her views on another.
    3. It harasses people from all walks of life, but young women are the first targets of violence.
  • Indian TV plumbed new depths of one-sidedness and jingoism by showing an appalling lack of objectivity. In the process it made monkeys out of us all — viewers, participants in talk shows, and politicians. In fact, I would go further. If anyone brought India and Pakistan close to the brink of war in December, it was not our usually foot-in-the-mouth politicians, or hawkish security advisors. It was TV.
  • If the terror issue has taken on the pitch it has between Pakistan and India, it is because Tukaram Omble did his job and in the true sense, martyred himself. But where is the regular footage after the one or two single item on him, his family etc. in the initial days? Everyone grieves for the loss of the lives of three officiers, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar and Hemant Karkare but they died because they were ambushed even before they could even lift a weapon at Kasab and his mate. But are they to be 'martyred' by the media without providing the deserved hall of fame to Omble?…
    The fairness doctrine in journalism is its life blood and fairness calls for even-handed treatment of issues but television lost its bearings and Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt can scream themselves hoarse in support of their respective stances and come up with excuses for the conduct of the television as a news medium in real time. But that distorts realities and misleads the news hungry viewers.
  • your life ambition – What happened?
  • I know I am not the only way saying all of this, but I think of Citi like an alcoholic, the more time the alchy is told he has a problem, the more likely he is to seek help and stop the drinking. Citi is like a alcoholic, stoner, meth-head and glue sniffer all tied up in one. Get a clue Viky and either stop the excessive spending or find yourself a new company to run into the ground.
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