links for 2009-02-12

12 Feb
  • It is now only a matter of time until absolutely all books become available, and properly formatted, for mobile phones…
    Newspapers and magazines are on the same trajectory. Their paper editions are in decline in most of the developed world, as readers opt for the web versions…
    All this has led to a new phrase in the book and newspaper industries: Is this the “iPod moment”? …On the one hand the iPod…opened up a new market for legal digital-music downloads. On the other hand, the iPod accelerated the decline in CD sales and shifted power from record labels to Apple. Will the Kindle similarly put Amazon in a dominant position, while weakening publishers?
    This is unlikely. Books…are different from music. Sales of CDs were harmed because iPod users could “unbundle” the albums that record labels had forced on them, and download only the songs they wanted. By contrast, there is no obvious reason to unbundle narrative books into individual chapters or paragraphs.
  • A 3-year old reads a storybook, and his mom transcribes it. Not sure the authors of the said book had *that* particular story in mind 🙂
  • First, don’t be shy and change the status of your LinkedIn profile so that your connections know that you are looking for work. Second, get recommendations because lot of companies simply ignore candidates that don’t have recommendations.
    Next focus on keywords so that your resume pops up in relevant LinkedIn searches. Some recruiters also look for words like "innovation", "creativity", "work ethic", etc. in resumes.
    And finally, do check your "Who’s viewed my profile" page regularly to know if your profile is appearing in search results. If not, it may be time to tweak your resume with some keywords that recruiters may be searching for.
  • Social Life:
    Adda, Robindro Shongeet and Cha. Repeat. Do note that the young Bong doesn't have a social life (at least not till he wins the Nobel or gets a Government job)…
    Famous Bongs:
    Many famous Bongs have been referred to in this extract. Hence, this section is used to debunk that big myth about Bongs. People believe that Bong men can't be hunky. If so, then what about Abhishek Bachchan (via
    mother,) Saif Ali Khan (via mother), John Abraham (via girlfriend), Hritik Roshan (via grandmother). Which only goes to prove that Bongs are good guys, despite their love of cracking jokes about every other community but completely lacking the ability to laugh at themselves!
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