links for 2009-02-16

16 Feb
  • "I only wanted to be left alone, so why wasn't allowed to do so…? Besides, what gives these men the idea that simply by staring at me in a lecherous manner…they can get through to me?"
    This is what Male Friend told her: "Whoever said that men behave like that because they want to date a woman or marry her… They do it simply because ‘We can'….
    It's a power trip. We can make a woman feel like shit — in a public space — and get away with it. It's part of our social conditioning, it's part of our culture. That's the way we've been brought up. Everything is fine as long as you cook in the kitchen and feed the joint family, but get a bit out of hand — go to a pub and have a drink or try and work out in a gym, then it's everyone's right to put you down and make you feel like crap…Women too are at fault… Most times, they set the rules. Many mothers, for instance, tell their sons not to go out with pub-going women, thereby reinforcing the stereotype."
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