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25 Feb
  • On his deathbed, they say, Leonardo da Vinci regretted that he had left so much unfinished…had so many ideas; he was so ahead of his time. His notebooks were crammed with inventions…
    But Leonardo rarely completed any of the great projects that he sketched in his notebooks. His groundbreaking research in human anatomy resulted in no publications — at least not in his lifetime. Not only did Leonardo fail to realize his potential as an engineer and a scientist, but he also spent his career hounded by creditors to whom he owed paintings and sculptures for which he had accepted payment but — for some reason — could not deliver, even when his deadline was extended by years. His surviving paintings amount to no more than 20, and five or six, including the "Mona Lisa," were still in his possession when he died. Apparently, he was still tinkering with them.
  • According to Menon of Shiok, a restaurant owner is dealing with crises at work all the time. “I can’t think of one week at a stretch when I could relax and have nothing go wrong,” he recalled. “Equipment fails, labour issues crop up, prices change, raw material can suddenly go out of stock, your chef needs to go home to attend to a medical emergency, drains are clogged…Staffing is one of the biggest challenges; there are food costs to consider and most importantly the consistency of the food served and the prices charged are of great concern…I’m very fond of saying this: a lot of effort goes into making it look effortless. It is not easy. It’s hard enough if you actually know how to make food. If one wants to start a cosy little place, one better be prepared to work like a mule for less pay,” Menon said. “Ninety per cent of people wanting to start a restaurant should not be thinking of it.”
  • South-East Asian food he says comes with a variety of bold flavours. “The flavours burst on the tongue.” And he doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts with additional flavour enhancers, stale food or dishes prepared in advance. “The only myth about far-Eastern cuisine that people have is the exotic animals — which we certainly don’t do here.”

    He also points out that this cuisine has no clear recipes. “There are different ways of making the same dishes. Like the raw papaya salad which can be made from mild to incredibly hot. This has also to do with the region.” He finds that people argue passionately about how authentic Thai food should be made, as they have tasted only one variation of the dish and have not tried it elsewhere. “South East Asians are always known to snack away.”

    And now with the internet, TV and books, chefs are exposed to different recipes and styles. “No chef is original — s/he is always building on someone else’s repertoire.”

  • From this experience, I developed a list of what I have learned about high school, college, and myself by joining WhoJaHateInHighSchool&College that I will share it with you:
    …2. Jealousy can diminish with age. As an adult, you can view other people's success with happiness for them. Perhaps that's because you have learned that most lives are not perfect– even if they seem that way on the surface. And if they are ;; how wonderful for them…
    5. The most likely to succeed did not necessarily do that. And the least likely to succeed might actually have been the most likely to succeed…
    7. In high school, people may not have been jerks or snobs or this or that. It just may have been their way of coping through rough times, insecurity, or whatever their life was like way back when.
    9. Getting to know people a second time around is very fulfilling and can be fun, given the timing, the openness of the person, and the willingness of people to let the past stay in the past.
  • # Are Indians not allowed to have any (to put it mildly) uncharitable opinions against Shiv Sena (or any political party, for that matter)?
    # If no, is it a crime to open that opinion to discussion – in print or online?…
    # Is Ajith wrong in trying to gain support for this opinion via an online community?…
    # Can a film producer sue a blogger for thinking aloud through the blog that his movie sucked? After all, the producer could claim that this review could be Googled my millions of people and they may form an opinion based on this negative opinion…and not watch the film, right?
    # Can Shri Ram Sena sue Nisha Susan because she was instrumental in people sending the Ram Sena, tons of pink chaddis – what Ram Sena may consider derogatory?
    # Can <anybody> sue <any blogger> since the blogger doesn’t think positively about <anything> made/ associated with the first <anybody> in question?
  • Despite the threat that the SC's stand poses, bloggers are discussing and criticizing it and thereby hurting 'public sentiment' all over again. Authorities should watch out for the Streisand effect. In web lingo, that means if you try to muzzle something, it proliferates.
  • The UPA's performance is marked by four paradoxes. Under this prime minister, it had the dream economic team. Yet, the dream economic team was doing little more than dreaming…
    Genuinely inclusive growth requires not just profligate spending, but thinking about the architecture of the economy as a whole. How can you have social inclusion when key ministries like power, telecom, education, roads, remain in serious disarray? Other than the Indo-US nuclear deal, the PM did not invest any political capital on issues that truly matter. Given the choices, we may still vote for it. But the UPA has left a serious power vacuum and we can only hope it does not get worse. The most appropriate indictment of this government is that they squandered the good times.
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