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03 Mar
  • The twisted thinking of politicians is evident in this recent statement of the chief minister of Rajasthan (Congress):
    Because of this liquor culture, over 6,000 cases of rape were reported in the state when the BJP government was in power. There were incidents of rape against foreign tourists in the state also. We do not want this to happen
    So, according to him only drunk men attack and rape women. I wonder what explanation he has for the molestation of women on the streets and buses of India. He also believes that “boys and girls walking hand-in-hand in pubs and malls” is immoral. I guess he feels that if a boy forcibly holds the hand of a girl in a public place, it is more understandable, probably because the girl must have “provoked it” and therefore deserves to be manhandled. When did “Indian” culture become so twisted? Why have we citizens allowed this to happen?
  • Downloadable file of the awesome musical
  • As they ride the wind, vultures seek dead things, not dying things, using a sense of smell far more highly developed than any other bird's. They can detect a dead mouse under leaves from 200 feet up. They are discriminating, preferring corpses between two and four days dead…
    Another misconception, and one that has caused farmers to shoot them, is that turkey vultures spread disease. In fact the opposite is true. Something in the vulture gut allows them to digest and destroy the agents of diseases such as cholera and anthrax. If another carrion-eater—rat or coyote or hyena or dog—disposed of the infected carcass, contamination would be spread.
  • Experts at Wharton and elsewhere argue that what companies are experiencing now is neither an indication of a transformation nor a blanket prognosis for the rest of the economy. Instead, they say, the job announcements highlight operational weaknesses and strategic issues that have been lurking under the surface for years. In the past, these were effectively concealed in the same way that weakness and instability in the capital system were hidden by the apparent boom in asset values. Now, the downturn has brought them to the forefront.
  • When the BCCI, under pressure from the Government of India following the 26/11 attacks, pulled out of the scheduled Pakistan tour, the 'intelligentsia' on both sides of the border had much to say. The commentariat was particularly active in the Pakistan press: the likes of Imran Khan, one-time star Shahid Afridi and others condemned India; former captain Wasim Akram in an impassioned plea asked India's cricket establishment not to "mix politics and cricket".
    That statement misses a central point: it is not about 'politics', but about 'terrorism'. It has been painfully apparent for far too long that the Pakistan state, its military and the Inter Services Intelligence no longer exercised any measurable control over the terrorist groups the State had spawned as part of its philosophy of bleeding India.
    That fact leads to another: [No one…] can guarantee anyone's safety on Pakistan soil. Anarchy rules, and all the king's horses and all the king's men have no clue how to cope, what to do.
  • It’s in the bad times that the values of an organization are tested. Companies invest a lot to build a brand and one wrong action can undo that. Employees are no longer unaware. So, keeping employees at the forefront of all business decisions is not just the right action but the right business action.
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