links for 2009-03-05

05 Mar
  • So rather than seeing this as an issue of the privilege of bloggers v. newspapers, it might make sense to locate the history of criminal defamation within the larger context of free speech as it affects different kinds of practitioners. And it might make sense for bloggers to also get a little organized in their responses to censorship of bloggers, because this is indeed one of those cases where an attack on one will eventually be an attack on all.
  • iTunes has a (deservedly) bad reputation for taking total control of your music and videos, including where they live on your computer. It wasn't always easy to move your library in past versions of the software, but happily iTunes 7 makes relocating an existing media library pretty painless – that is, with a little know-how. Here's how to get it done.
  • Pakistan wanted to believe in another idea, which had better not be a myth—that it is a normal country—for the alternative—a nuclear-armed failed state—is too horrible to contemplate. Many, if not most, Pakistanis want to live normal lives…
    And it is that normalcy which the terrorists attack, because the terrorists want what’s regular to be the unexpected, and the unexpected to make you afraid, and not wonder…
    That’s the universe many Pakistanis inhabit—caught between intransigent generals, incompetent politicians and intolerant mullahs. They don’t need reminding what terrorism is; they live with it. They have lost thousands of civilians and soldiers in the past decade. They live with the consequences of cynical, cold, political choices and compromises their leaders have made on their behalf.
    And yet, many in India don’t see that reality, and see all Pakistanis as extremists…
  • Darera’s company, iReboot, is the organizer of the workshops or boot camps where Kumar, Ramu and Narayanan trained in their areas of choice.
    And interestingly, the Bangalore-based firm may itself be Darera’s reboot.
    The 24-year-old software engineer founded the company last August with Rs4 lakh in capital. Darera had a job with Intel Corp. at that time and started the firm because she saw around her many people dissatisfied with their jobs and felt trapped in them.
    “My own discontent and that of those around me made me realize that people were looking for a change, a way to break their monotonous life,” she said.
  • human beings have a natural inclination for religious belief, especially during hard times. Our brains effortlessly conjure up an imaginary world of spirits, gods and monsters, and the more insecure we feel, the harder it is to resist the pull of this supernatural world. It seems that our minds are finely tuned to believe in gods.
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