links for 2009-03-18

18 Mar
  • Ramayan 3392 A.D. (formerly called Ramayana Reborn) is a comic book series based upon the Indian epic called Ramayana. It is written by Shamik Dasgupta and the art is by Abhishek Singh, and it was created based on a story by Deepak Chopra and Shekhar Kapur. It features a re-imagining of the historical classic in a science fiction setting.
  • I think they like the idea of eliminating the non-essentials and reestablishing barriers. Many successful people, despite having made hundreds of millions of dollars, are still driven by guilt.
    Yes, guilt that you're not working hard enough. Guilt that you’re being lazy. Guilt that you're not paying your dues. I'm all for hard work when it's applied to the right things. But only when it's applied to the right things.
    So how do you get over your guilt?
    You need to emotionally condition yourself to the point where you're comfortable declining almost everything. That can involve media fasts or silence retreats, where you don’t talk for 24-to-48 hours.
  • It turns out that about 95 percent of what I do on a computer can now be accomplished through a browser…Come to think of it, because none of my documents reside on the netbook, I'm not sure I even need the trash can.
    Netbooks have ended the performance wars. It used to be that when you went to an electronics store to buy a computer, you picked the most powerful one you could afford. Because, who knew? Maybe someday you'd need to play a cutting-edge videogame or edit your masterpiece indie flick. For 15 years, the PC industry obliged our what-if paranoia by pushing performance. Intel and AMD tossed out blisteringly fast chips, hard drives went on a terabyte gallop, RAM exploded, and high-end graphics cards let you play Blu-ray movies on your sprawling 17-inch laptop screen. That dream machine could do almost anything.
    But here's the catch: Most of the time, we do almost nothing.
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