links for 2009-04-06

06 Apr
  • one of the important themes that I’ve learned in my career. Time and time again, you’ll see programmers redefining problems so that they can be solved algorithmically. By redefining the problem, it often happens that they’re left with something that can be solved, but which is actually a trivial problem. They don’t solve the real problem, because that’s intractable.
  • They say all roads lead to Rome, and hopefully the road you are on will eventually wind its way around to the Eternal City as well. A trip to Rome means coming face to face with both ancient history and modern-day European city life, as well as a pinch of some of the tastiest traditional Italian home cooking to fuel your explorations of this living museum.
    Rome has defied definition throughout the ages: at once calm and chaotic, ancient and modern, metropolitan and provincial – the face that Rome shows you all depends on where you choose to look.
  • this is why I will not participate in the ‘Bloggers for Advani’ programme just yet. As a relatively young Indian, I want to see an end to the style of senseless politics…I want to see an end to the name calling and finger pointing that passes off as political debate in the country…
    When you’ve so cleverly changed the playing field, why don’t you change the game as well?
    Obama’s greatest success perhaps was infusing his nation with optimism even during a period of great economic crisis. With your blog and your website, you have the power to do that. You have an opportunity to finally give Indian the positive approach to debate and politics that we have long missed. And even if you can’t do it nationally, you can do it on your blog. Talk about your hopes and aspirations. About what you will do to make this a better country. Tell us how young people can help you. Convince us of the vision you have for this country.
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